Soul Color LIVE 16.02.08, part 1/2

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22 February 2008

Summer Fondue Podcast was originally launched in July 2006 at and was intended to cover soulful house industry news for Russian audience. It featured monthly 30-minutes mini mixes along with stories about artists, DJs, remixers and labels in Russian language. Appearing in iTunes Store, this podcast showed an interest from non-Russian audience though contained foreign language. Recently Summer Fondue Podcast drop a selection of live sets recorded in Moscow clubs featuring me, DJ Soulmate, and other soulful DJs playing. If you’re interested feel free to subscribe (here’s the RSS feedRSS feed or if you have iTunes just click here to get into iTunes Store’s page of the podcast) and get tons of archives.

Podcast In today’s issue of Summer Fondue Podcast we have the first part of Soul Color live set recorded 16th February 2008 in Yello Club in Moscow. Soul Color is the crew of dedicated soulful house lovers, DJs and producers from Moscow, me included. We are unique Russian venture promoting this beautiful and live music to the Russian club scene. Our recent event featured live sax and guitars as well as live vocal from Sher Oston.

The first part podcasted today contains DJ A.G. live set including Timur Nekrasov on sax (at the end). Background club noise was also recorded, so it’s gonna be true live!


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MP3 128kbps | 1:26:54 hr:min:sec | 82Mb.

In the second part (tomorrow) we’ll have guitars, vocal and sets from Soul Cola (No Frost + Kolya Smart) and Paul Korzhensky.

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