Jephte Guillaume & Rufuss – Jou Sa

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11 August 2008

Qalomota is a small indie label from France created in 1998 by by producer Thierry Colau and DJ Chris Thomas. Artist roster now also includes Rufuss, Joyful Noise and 72nd deepstrict (which is the whole Qalomota crew). “Jou Sa” is a new Qalomota release that was out on July 29th. It’s written by Rufuss and Haiti-born NYC based DJ/Producer Jephté Guillaume and features percussive rhythm (that I love so much as you might notice), laid back pads, nice flute and vocals of Jephté himself.

Jephte Guillaume & Rufuss

Main mix and Instrumental are the only versions presented, and it’s all good.

Jephte Guillaume & Rufuss – Jou Sa [Qalomota]:

Jephte Guillaume & Rufuss - Jou Sa [Qalomota]

  1. Jou Sa (Main Mix)
  2. Jou Sa (Instrumental)

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