Panevino & O-Jam – Contigo O Sin Ti

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12 August 2008

Promised to be released in May but out on July 15th, “Contigo O Sin Ti” is the 6th released of Panevino Music, Switzerland based label operated by duo of the same name, Sandro Endrighetti and Renato Abate. Having several years of experience in producing and productions for Soulfuric, EMI, ZYX, Look At You and Map Dance, they have recently joined Purple Music family.

PVM006 is a “smooth yet fierce groove” with spanish vocal of O-Jam and vibraphone theme. It’s not that soulful as previous “Need Me Want Me” from Sound Famiglia or “Face It Now” from Marquito, but has an uplifting vibe and a good companion of remixes from NY SOLE Channel: Alix Alvarez delivers a couple of mixes with more relaxed atmosphere. Oh yeah, Panevino guys are also here with their hypnotic recognizable sounds of PV Sin Ti In Space Mix.

Panevino & O-Jam – Contigo O Sin Ti [Panevino Music]:

Panevino & O-Jam - Contigo O Sin Ti [Panevino Music]

  1. Contigo O Sin Ti (Original Mix)
  2. Contigo O Sin Ti (PV’s Sin Ti In Space Mix)
  3. Contigo O Sin Ti (Alix Alvarez Remix)
  4. Contigo O Sin Ti (Alix Alvarez Instrumental)
  5. Contigo O Sin Ti (SOLE Channel Dub)

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