Alison Crockett – Love Will Return

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14 August 2008

Minneapolis based Celebrity Records takes up nu jazz/progressive soul singer Alison Crockett and have her “Love Will Return” remixed by label’s own Bryan Gerrard and our fave multi-instrumentalist/producer/DJ from Minneapolis Chuck Love. On the package, released on August 12th, we have a couple of mixes from Chuck Love (chilled Broken Dream and Chuck’s classic bumpy but nicely instrumentalistic Blissed Out Vocal), Bryan Gerrard’s Vocal Return in “Celebrity style”, and happy disco flavored Original.

Alison Crockett – Love Will Return [Celebrity]:

Alison Crockett - Love Will Return [Celebrity]

  1. Love Will Return (Chuck Love’s Blissed out Vocal)
  2. Love Will Return (Bryan Gerrard’s Vocal Return)
  3. Love Will Return (Chuck Love’s Broken Dream)
  4. Love Will Return (Original Mix)

As a videobonus, here’s some live PA and a small interview with Alison Crockett:

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