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10 August 2008

US house camp Jellybean Soul pleases our ears with two new releases of the same date of August 5th. First off we have a new collaboration from Tortured Soul’s Ethan White and Ed Dunn (resident of 3 Degrees Global) under dunnEASY guise, with no other than house legend and talented writer/performer Monique Bingham. Their “Won’t Stop” combines the best of Ed Dunn and Ethan White’s individual skills with Monique’s great vocals into a nice piece of deep summer house vibe. For lack of remixes these guys included Beatapella and Padapella. :)

dunnEASY feat. Monique Bingham – Won’t Stop [Jellybean Soul]:

dunnEASY feat. Monique Bingham - Won\'t Stop [Jellybean Soul]

  1. Won’t Stop (Club Mix)
  2. Won’t Stop (Dub Mix)
  3. Won’t Stop (Beatapella Mix)
  4. Won’t Stop (Padapella Mix)

Second one is also a collaboration, but this time we’ve got label’s head Jellybean Benitez himself teamed up with Marlon D to bring a smashing latin blend of percussion and piano called… “Latina“. Four mixes seem like sounding the same, but do actually differ by accenting different instruments.

Jellybean feat. Marlon D. – Latina [Jellybean Soul]:

Jellybean feat. Marlon D. - Latina [Jellybean Soul]

  1. Latina (Ain’t Nuthin’ But A House Party Mix)
  2. Latina (Jellybean Feel The Rhythm Mix)
  3. Latina (Jellybean Groovin Mix)
  4. Latina (Piano Jam Mix)

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