Kentaro Takizawa – Can’t Stop/The Youth Theme

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16 November 2008

Flower Records More Japanese invasion with good house. Flower Records was established in 1995 by brothers Eitetsu and Kitetsu Takamiya, and is centered around dance music from domestic Japanese artists. One of them, Japan’s young upcoming producer Kentaro Takizawa has its second album, “Heart to Heart”, released in 2007. Taken from it, two great tracks is now available on vinyl and in digital. First off, “Can’t Stop” features recognizable vocals of Naked Music’ diva Lisa Shaw. As Kentaro said, he wanted to produce ‘a track with a NY taste, that has some elegant vocals of Lisa on top and horns and keys that appends some flowers, which makes this track of high quality’. Second one, “The Youth Theme” is collaboration with young Jazz band called Jabberloop, and is full of trumpets, joy and real soulfulness.

Kentaro Takizawa feat. Lisa Shaw & JABBERLOOP – Can’t Stop/The Youth Theme [Flower Records]:

Kentaro Takizawa feat. Lisa Shaw & JABBERLOOP - Can't Stop/The Youth Theme [Flower Records]

  1. Kentaro Takizawa feat. Lisa Shaw – Can’t Stop
  2. [audio:|titles=Can’t Stop|artists=Kentaro Takizawa feat. Lisa Shaw]
  3. Kentaro Takizawa feat. JABBERLOOP – The Youth Theme
  4. [audio:|titles=The Youth Theme|artists=Kentaro Takizawa feat. JABBERLOOP]

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