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2 September 2008

Deep in the heart of Russian Siberia, in Krasnoyarsk city, sits Kolonki Recordings, the underground electronic label run by producer/songwriter/remixer Peter Shallmin aka Cortes. Having his roots as bass/guitar/drums player of black metal band Cromlech in the past, he’s now into lounge, house and some latin flavored production.

Despite its hate of digital world (as far as I know from my communications with them), Kolonki has recently joined Traxsource.com and we’re now able to buy some of their recent releases with more coming soon. Among them, two great collaborations with US singer/songwriter Terry Dexter – “Wonderful” and its follow-up “Emeraude“, both have appeared at some compilations already.

Cortes feat. Terry Dexter – Wonderful [Kolonki Recordings]:

  1. Wonderful (Main Mix)
  2. Wonderful (Roy Davis Jr. Celebrating Soul Mix)
  3. Wonderful (Phil R Vocal Mix)
  4. Wonderful (Cortes & Paulo S. Mix)

Cortes feat. Terry Dexter – Emeraude [Kolonki Recordings]:

  1. Emeraude (Phil R Club Mix)
  2. Emeraude (Main Mix)
  3. Emeraude (Cortes & Paulo S. Mix)

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