About Radioshow

Summer Fondue Sessions Summer Fondue Sessions is a bi-weekly radio show filled up with deep, jazzy, soulful and funky house tunes, spanning from smooth & sexy to uplifting & danceable.

Launched by DJ Soulmate in 2006 at the UK-based online house station SSRadio, the show gained momentum and was later extended and syndicated on FM radio stations and various online platforms worldwide. In 2010, DJ Pasha Brisk joined as a co-host, infusing the broadcast with an extra layer of soulfulness.

In 2006-2015, Summer Fondue Sessions aired at:

  • Global FM (Spain, Balearic islands)
  • SSRadio (UK)
  • PartyStation (Italy)
  • SmoothTraxx (Greece)
  • WheresTheCulture (Argentina)
  • HouseBox (Lithuania)
  • GarageMania (France)
  • deepGroove Radio 2 (Germany)
  • …and the number of local Russian stations including FM (Modern 102.4FM in Severodvinsk, Love-fm 101.8FM in Orel, AFM 101.8FM in Asha), and online (SunRadio, 16bit.FM, Melon Radio, BestDance.FM, Rush-FM).

Listeners could access the tracklists and show archives on this website, in the Show’s archive category, and through the Summer Fondue Podcast. The show reached its 215th episode in December 2014, marking its discontinuation by the team in 2015, to be then resuscitated in 2023.

2023 revival

In late 2023, a decision was made to resurrect the SFS initiative, leading to the continuation of publishing DJ mixes. The complete show’s archive is now conveniently hosted on SoundCloud, ensuring that the legacy of the Summer Fondue Sessions lives on.

Summer Fondue Podcast

Summer Fondue Podcast The Summer Fondue Podcast, initially launched in July 2006 at Soulmate’s SummerFondue.ru, aimed to cover soulful house industry news for the Russian audience. Its availability on iTunes Store garnered interest from non-Russian listeners. From March 2008 onwards, all episodes of the radioshow became accessible in this podcast as well.

Subscription available at: