Cosmo-Star – Sunset Luvin’

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5 March 2008

Sunset Luvin’” was the second release of Miami based Sofitone Recordings dated November 2006. It was produced by ‘Cosmo’ featuring a stunning vocal performance, courtesy of ‘Star’. Now as we get closer to WMC, Sofitone is gonna drop Part 2 giving a rebirth to the release with a great remix package.

Sofitone Recordings On the remix duties we’ve got all-the-way-to-Europe Italian, Turkish and French producers. :) Milan based duo Dolls Combers delivers soulful funky vibe with wicked trumpet solo. Originally from Istanbul, now based in Florida Doruk Ozlen is slowing things down for groovy chilling flute mood. And finally monsieur Didier Vanelli has got a classic interpretation.

Brett Cosmo Thorngren Well, who da heck is Cosmo? That’s originally from NY Brett Thorngren’s guise. He is a drummer, a producer, an engineer, guitar player, lead singer and a songwriter, and a rich musical heir. His father was a rock star and a good recording engineer (working with Cindy Lauper, Blondie, Robert Palmer), and his grandfather (Sam Cosmo – Brett took his DJ name in homage to him) along with his two great uncles made up the Cosmo Brothers Trio in the 1930s (working with Billie Holliday and Ella Fitzgerald). During Brett’s career he was DJing, engineering, singing, producing, was the member of rock band Muse, together with Barry Gibb (Bee Gees) they formed a hip-hop/electro group called The Junkies etc.

Cosmo-Star – Sunset Luvin’ (Part 2) [Sofitone]:

Cosmo-Star - Sunset Luvin’ (Part 2) [Sofitone]

  1. Dolls Combers Remix
  2. Doruk Ozlen Remix
  3. Didier Vanelli Remix
  4. Dolls Combers Instrumental
  5. Doruk Ozlen Instrumental

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