Souldynamic feat. Nicole Tyler – Gonna Fly

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30 March 2008

Souldynamic are two Italian guys, Luca and Stefano, and they don’t brag about themselves much. Started in March 2007 they had their debut “The past as the future” released at no less than Bobby and Steve’s very own Zoo Groove Stereo Rec.! Also in their assets: “Slow It Down” package and a remix of “Fading To Gray” by Danny Clarke for Barcoda Rec, a new collaboration with Roland Clark at Tempogroove and… just released on March 28th – “Gonna Fly” on Eearnshaw’s Duffnote! What a labels selection, nice one Souldynamic!

This time guys has teamed up with Nicole Tyler. Duffnote posted such a great review if this release that I can’t resist to quote it:

“Starting things off for Duffnote in 2008 are the Italian dynamic duo Luca Ciotoli & Stefano De Magistris or Souldynamic to you and us. Demonstrating some superb keyboard playing and arrangements, coupled with Nicole’s sumptuous vocal, the boys have delivered a top draw original mix. Their alternative mix doesn’t mess about with it only employing some subtle tweaks here and there.

On remix duty we have the ever impressive MoD taking things on the deep main room tip. Tough beats, minimal synth hooks and sparing but effective use of the vocal making up for an ideal peak hour mix. Next in line, Earnshaw lays down his “Blueroom” vibe. With the Hammond, Wurlitzer and harmonica dealing with the groove, Nicole dishing out the adlibs and if you listen carefully, a Zippo lighter nestling in the beats, this is a no nonsense gritty, sexy dub with attitude. There’s a Dubstrumental included for the a-capella happy DJ. Dark glasses and cigars are optional! Enjoy!”.

A couple of personal thoughts. Left other mixes behind, I like Original and Alternative. And strange as it may appear, but IMHO in these mixes Souldynamic sounds just exactly Earnshaw/Orekid style, aren’t they! Moreover, in “Slow It Down” (on Barcoda) I can hear the very Central Avenue’s sounds. :) Nothing’s strange you may say, publishing labels just polish the sound – maybe.

By the way, this is not the last one with Nicole Tyler from Souldynamic – on April 21st we’re expecting “Meant To Be” with remixes from Soularis and Park Street on Sun Soaked Rec.

Souldynamic feat. Nicole Tyler – Gonna Fly [Duffnote]:

Souldynamic feat. Nicole Tyler - Gonna Fly [Duffnote]

  1. Original Mix
  2. Alternative Mix
  3. MoD Deep Dub
  4. Earnshaw’s Blueroom Dub
  5. Earnshaw’s Blueroom Dubstrumental

Oh, and here’s some Souldynamic in action:

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