Steven Stone – Free To Go

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6 June 2008

The brand new release on Barcoda Recordings was out on June 6th, and this time has Switzerland’s Steven Stone on the buttons to collaborate with vocal talent of David Bruce Bailey and deliver “Free To Go“. Steven has DJing experience from the age of 14 and been producing in recent years works under slogan “rhythmic rhodes, funky bass lines and guitar music mixed with lots of melodies and soulful voices”.

Original mixes include Reprise and Instrumental and sound a bit “average” I would say, and sometimes even monotonous. Barcoda’s chief, Andy Lee (aka Central Avenue) drops his Monkey Dust Club Mix alongside with DeepHeadz version which are deep, clubby and techy. Andy really gone dark in his recent remixes, I think. Though CA Classic Mix and Remix on this release are soulful and good ones. Also on remix duties is Soularis with his trademark sound.

Steven Stone feat. David Bruce Whitley – Free To Go [Barcoda]:

Steven Stone feat. David Bruce Whitley - Free To Go [Barcoda]

  1. Original Mix
  2. Soularis Remix
  3. Central Avenue’s Monkey Dust Club Mix
  4. Central Avenue Remix
  5. DeepHeadz Remix
  6. Original Reprise
  7. Original Instrumental
  8. CA Classic Mix

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