Tortured Soul – Did You Miss Me?

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22 December 2008

Columbia Japan NY based trio quartet Tortured Soul are John-Christian Urich (vocals and drums), Ethan White (keys, vocals), Jason Kriveloff aka JKriv (bass and backing vocals) and newly added Mark Tewarson (guitars). Since their debut album “Introducing” in 2004 (was re-printed in 2006) they earned a great label of live soulful band. I wish I could visit their gig (gotta bring them here to Moscow)… So now’s the time for brand new LP! Entitled “Did You Miss Me?” and now out in Japan only (released on December 22th by Columbia Japan), it includes 13 tracks. Some of them were teasing us since April 2008 as a part of “In Transit (Advance EP)“, and “Home To You” and “Special Lady” are still of the best ones on the new album I should admit. Also noticeable, “Another Lover” and “Unsteady” are brilliant cuts of TS style, and “We Like Tequila” is a cool cocktail shaker. :)

Tortured Soul

Can’t wait for US version of album.

UPDATE: based on info directly from TS, “Did You Miss Me?” will be out in USA on the band’s own newly formed TSTC Records and in Europe on Dome in to March 2009. Check this page to hear longer tracks preview in higher quality.

Tortured Soul – Did You Miss Me? [Columbia Japan]:

Tortured Soul - Did You Miss Me

  1. Home To You
  2. [audio:|titles=Home To You|artists=Tortured Soul]
  3. In My Fantasy
  4. [audio:|titles=In My Fantasy|artists=Tortured Soul]
  5. Did You Miss Me (intro)
  6. [audio:|titles=Did You Miss Me (intro)|artists=Tortured Soul]
  7. Did You Miss Me
  8. [audio:|titles=Did You Miss Me|artists=Tortured Soul]
  9. Your Dream Is My Dream
  10. [audio:|titles=Your Dream Is My Dream|artists=Tortured Soul]
  11. Time To Make Up Your Mind
  12. [audio:|titles=Time To Make Up Your Mind|artists=Tortured Soul]
  13. Another Lover
  14. [audio:|titles=Another Lover|artists=Tortured Soul]
  15. Unsteady
  16. [audio:|titles=Unsteady|artists=Tortured Soul]
  17. We Like Tequila
  18. [audio:|titles=We Like Tequila|artists=Tortured Soul]
  19. Special Lady
  20. [audio:|titles=Special Lady|artists=Tortured Soul]
  21. In Motion
  22. [audio:|titles=In Motion|artists=Tortured Soul]
  23. See You More
  24. [audio:|titles=See You More|artists=Tortured Soul]
  25. At The Bottom (bonus track)
  26. [audio:|titles=At The Bottom (bonus track)|artists=Tortured Soul]

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