Mustafa – Let It Rain

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7 June 2009

Staff Productions Mustafa (talked about him in April 2008) seems not being able to produce a faceless track. :) Featuring passionate vocals of Flexie Muiso, “Let It Rain” coming out from his own Staff Productions on June 21st is just another ample proof. 8 (eight!) mixes are all being top-class, from deeper Ryb Remix to oldschool’ish Frisco Remix, including gorgeous Originals. I just even can’t select one! And every mix has instrumental version included. What a beauty!


Go get it asap!

P. S. Am I the only one hearing “The Cure & The Cause (Dennis Ferrer Remix)” loop in the Original here, hm?

Purchase it here.

Mustafa ft. Flexie Muiso – Let It Rain [Staff Prod.]:

Mustafa ft. Flexie Muiso - Let It Rain [Staff Prod.]

  1. Let It Rain (Original Mix)
  2. [audio:|titles=Mustafa – Let It Rain (Original Mix)]
  3. Let It Rain (Mustafa Afro Jazz Mix)
  4. [audio:|titles=Mustafa – Let It Rain (Mustafa Afro Jazz Mix)]
  5. Let It Rain (Hedi Benromdan Remix)
  6. [audio:|titles=Mustafa – Let It Rain (Hedi Benromdan Remix)]
  7. Let It Rain (Ezel Remix)
  8. [audio:|titles=Mustafa – Let It Rain (Ezel Remix)]
  9. Let It Rain (Ryb Remix)
  10. [audio:|titles=Mustafa – Let It Rain (Ryb Remix)]
  11. Let It Rain (Hardmix Classic Brazilian Mix)
  12. [audio:|titles=Mustafa – Let It Rain (Hardmix Classic Brazilian Mix)]
  13. Let It Rain (Frisco Remix)
  14. [audio:|titles=Mustafa – Let It Rain (Frisco Remix)]

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