Bobby&Steve @ Cargo (video)

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20 February 2011

Bobby&Steve in Cargo 21 Jan 2011 I was on a business trip in London in January and had a great chance to attend a real UK soulful party held by legendary Bobby&Steve in Cargo Club with their 4 hours set. Here’s a short story and a self made video.

Thanks to Facebook I noticed the event with the date luckily within my trip dates. So I’ve mailed the guys, introduced myself and got myself into a guestlist. The party started at 9pm (and even got one hour of free entry), but I was busy and arrived around the midnight. Well, “my name is on the list” only gave me a smile from the door girl, and the club was already packed, Bobby was on the decks from 11pm. After 20 mins in a line (or queue I should say) to cloakroom I entered the dancefloor and squeezed closer to the booth.

Cargo is not a small venue I’d say but it was pretty full and already filled with great soulful vibes. What strikes me is the audience of adults, that’s awesome (we are ‘dance music for adults‘ remember). You know here in Russia we have primarily the young going out. There actually were a company of Japanese (?) jumping in the center and they were the youngest out there. Black people were certainly the best house dancers, usually gathering a circle around with clapping supporters. Unfortunately it’s hard to see these kind of dance in Russia (we basically just twitch and shake around lol).

People greeted almost every track with a great reaction and were singing along. It was the real soulful party, with everything from River Ocean “Love & Happiness” and Marc Evans to contemporary MN2S releases and MuthaFunkaz, sometimes with a bit of deeper tribal and afro vibes. Great night, great atmosphere!

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