Summer Fondue Sessions #171

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21 April 2013

Summer Fondue Sessions This week’s 171th Fondue is managed by Pasha Brisk delivering you uncompromising soulful house pleasure. No slower part, no Back To The Roots feature, just soulful. Enjoy! Summer is almost here.

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Summer Fondue Sessions #171 track list


  1. Nightingale – Glory Days (Max Rogers Deep Mix) [Kolonki Rec.]
  2. Fabio Tosti ft. Marshall Jefferson – House Music (Filter Mix) [Music Plan]
  3. Loui and Scibi ft. Nathalia – Giving You The Light (Ruben Mancias Devotion Main Mix) [Diamondhouse]
  4. Belezamusica – All This Love That I’m Givin’ (The Heavyweights Classic Vocal Mix) [Soul Love]
  5. Miguel Migs – Secrets (Original Mix) [NRK Sound Division]
  6. Mr Nugget ft. Brooke Bailey – Free (Deepcitysoul Original Edit) [DeeCeeEss]
  7. Clemens Rumpf & David A. Tobin – I Will Be Lifted (Ricky Inch Edit) [Deep Village Digital Records]
  8. Soulstar Syndicate ft. Susu Bobien – For All U Do (Akri Jr. Funky Mix) [Peppermint Jam]
  9. Shapeshifters – Back To Basics (Main Vocal Mix) [Nocturnal Groove]
  10. Dario D’Attis ft. Lisa Millett – Dollars (Dario D’attis Original Mix) [Purple Music]
  11. Groove Invaderz ft. Nicole Tyler – Keep Risin’ (Central Avenue Club Mix) [Double Shock]
  12. Luyo – Hungry For Love (Deep Djoe & Pedro Mazz Funky Mix) [Double Cheese Records]
  13. Scott Diaz – Keep Doin’ It (Original Vibe) [connect:d]
  14. Yogi & Husky – Cummon (Random Soul-Furic Mix) [Random Soul Recordings]
  15. Bump & Flex – Promises (Jazz ‘n’ Groove Remix) [Swing City]
  16. Leela James – Good Time (Groove Junkies Moho Vox) [Warner Bros. Records]
  17. Bartjay & Nower ft. Nathalia – Do It! (Mr. Vasovski Remix) [Wizz Records]
  18. Jay-J & Torin Rea – Sunshine People (Original) [Guess Who]
  19. Delvino & Ken N – Ritmo Carimbo (Main Mix) [deVice Records]
  20. Carousel ft. Krysten Cummings – Wanted (Main Piano Club Mix) [Soulfuric Trax]
  21. Random Soul ft. Kristen Pearson – Take Your Time (Random Soul Classic Mix) [Random Soul Recordings]

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