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Vega Records Digital Bundle

Categories: Releases
11 February 2009

Vega Records Louie Vega’s Vega Records took a pace of frequent digital releases welcoming new artists to the label (such as Boddhi Satva, Louie Lou Gorbea, Duce Martinez, Fabion Genito etc.). Having loads of material from past times it’s definitely worth to put it up sometimes as compilations of unreleased. On February 2nd label delivered another Vega Records Digital Bundle with 10 tunes of Louie’s style including some nice ones. read more »

Ciappy DJ & Davide Murri – Winds of Victoria

Categories: Releases
20 August 2008

Small Italian indie Gotta Keep Faith Records, being a home of Spiritual Blessings, Dom Navarra, Steve Paradise, Monsieur Cedric, Alex Dimitri, BSC, Dolls Combers, Rhody & Kaydee and many other Italian (not only) artists, continues to make us happy with more and more wonderful releases. read more »

Two new from Jellybean Soul

Categories: Releases
10 August 2008

US house camp Jellybean Soul pleases our ears with two new releases of the same date of August 5th. First off we have a new collaboration from Tortured Soul’s Ethan White and Ed Dunn (resident of 3 Degrees Global) under dunnEASY guise, with no other than house legend and talented writer/performer Monique Bingham. read more »