Soul Cola – Sandy Party

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10 April 2008

I am so proud to present the new huge release from my friends, Moscow soulful house team Soul Cola. And I’m double proud to be a part of Soulful Mood Recordings crew that is new Russian soulful house label releasing this package.

So, Moscow DJ’s Kolya Smart and NoFrost teamed up under Soul Cola guise and produced their first full length release Sandy Party.

Soul Cola

The original mix has deep beautiful atmospheric chords with funky bass line and Karina’s sultry lyrics taking you to hot seaside party. Musical dub is full of jazz and has beautiful leading sax line by Tim Nekrasov as well as funky artful guitars by Alex Papiy. When in Moscow you can catch Soul Cola with these musicians and, well, me at our Soul Color parties. :) So check out the dates in this section.

The release is international and fully packaged with awesome and heavyweight mixes from UK excellent producers Mystery and Matt Early; Saint Petersburg house scene leaders DJ Slider (4Luv), Pavel Korzhensky and Eventual Groove; funky bangers from Moscow producers DJ Arseniy & Jerym and F.S.B. Project, deep and sexy flight from DJ Deep Fly’s Unica; gentle latin flavor from Ukrainian talented producer DJ Starshiy and deep tech touch from Tina Valen.

The promo is already (starting from today) available exclusively at, the official release is scheduled on April 27th and will appear in all major music e-shops like Juno, Beatport etc. The official presentation will take place at Soul Color gig on April 12th in Moscow. I’ll try to shoot it and post videos here soon after the event. Stay tuned.

Soul Cola – Sandy Party [Soulful Mood]:

Soul Cola - Sandy Party [Soulful Mood]

  1. Original Mix
  2. Musical Dub
  3. Mystery & Matt Early Remix
  4. DJ Slider Vox Dub
  5. Unica “Deep In Your Soul” Remix
  6. Tina Valen Remix
  7. Eventual Groove Remix
  8. F.S.B. Project “Sunny Beach” Remix
  9. DJ Starshiy Remix
  10. Arseniy & Jerym “Don’t Lose Your Funk” Remix
  11. Ksky Tender Vocal Dub