Glenn Underground feat. Roxy – Adore You

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3 July 2008

Chicago’s house veteran Glenn Underground gives birth to Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic label with debut release “Adore You” featuring beautiful vox of South Africa’s Roxy (Roxanne Miles). Actually the Strictly Jaz Unit is a legendary Chicago House trio, consisting of its founder Glenn Underground, and also Boo Williams and Tim Harper.

The track is nicely arranged, with some strings and loads of mellow synths, the release also includes CVO ReWerk which takes things a bit faster and more percussive.

Glenn Underground feat. Roxy – Adore You [Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic]:

Glenn Underground feat. Roxy - Adore You  [Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic]

  1. Adore You (Main Mix)
  2. Adore You (CVO ReWerk)

As a bonus, do check out this GU video from Southport. Man, people dance to this music!!! I wish we could do that here in Moscow…

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